Owner, Kimberley Anderson in her Grunge Monkey shop space @2ndFloorChester.

Making Weird Wearable Since 2013

Come and get lost with us 💜

Hello, My name is Kimberley Jane, I am a visual artist, a part time Mermaid* and the sole owner of The Grunge Monkey.

The Grunge Monkey is a fashion and lifestyle brand, born in 2013 in the heart of Chester, UK. My vision for GM is to create a strange, surreal and wildly curious fantasy world for you to get lost into, making outfit building and everyday product more fun and playful.

Our staple style is an amalgamation of creepy, cute, goth, retro, faerie and psychedelia, make of that what you will.

All designs are my own, and we create, make and pack all products here in the UK.

And most importantly at the core of everything I do is the belief that we all have our very own ‘magic’ that we can bring to the world. Our weird quirks, our peculiarities, or as I like to call it our ‘superpowers’. We are often taught to hide our quirks because they are considered ‘weird’ or ‘abnormal’ and it is my mission to encourage you to bring them to light and wear them with joy, not fear because our ‘weirdness’ is what makes each and everyone of us so uniquely magical.

So what is a Grunge Monkey? YOU, a magical human being, no but really…you get to decide exactly who you want to be.

*Disclaimer - Yes a real one.

Come and get lost with us, head over to our Instagram page @thegrungemonkey or sign up to our newsletter on the homepage and let the fun commence!

Our workshop, based in Chester, U.K where we make 80% of our products.